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   Top 10
1. Backyard 9-28-17 Metro Club
2. A Team (All Star Band) 4-29-17
3. NE Groovers 10-08-17 Fast Eddies
4. What 9-7-17 Martinis
5. NE Groovers 7-3-17 Babylon
6. NE Groovers 10-28-17 Fast Eddies
7. NE Groovers 7-2-17 Fast Eddies
8. NE Groovers 10-22-17 Babylon
9. Junkyard 12-15-17 Nypsies
10. Junkyard 2017 Nypsies

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* Please use FIREFOX browser to avoid any issues * If you place a download order, you should receive an email within 5 minutes after purchase with all the information you need to download your music. If you dont receive this, please check your SPAM/JUNK folder for it. All CDs in this section are available for download. All newer CDs (2013 to 2017) are available for shipping to your home or business as well,just choose "ship to me" in the dropdown box when you add your item to the cart. If you don't see a shipping option for an older item you want to order, please email us at so we can add it for you.  If this is your first time ordering, we strongly urge you to download the free test file before purchasing.Test file is right below this message.



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NOTE: Although you can download our music from a mobile device,it is advised that you download from a desktop/laptop computer and THEN transfer the music to your phone. We recommend this because there are various types of mobile devices out there and they all operate a lil differently. Mobile downloads are possible but you may need a couple helper apps to get things working. You don't need anything extra if you download from a standard Windows or Apple computer. If you only have access to a mobile device we STRONGLY urge you to download the free test file first before you purchase any music.

You can click on any of the items above to place a quick order. We have started a new download center, so many CDs are not listed yet. However you can vist this page for complete list of CDs we have to offer. If you see something on that page you want please email us and we can special add it to this download center for you.


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