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   Top 10
1. What? band new 2023 Release
2. NEG 4-30-23 at 5 Sisters
3. NE Groovers 2-4-23 Babylon
4. NE Groovers (2 shows) 7-30-22
5. What? Band 2022 - The Crank Package
6. Backyard Band Heartbreak Hotel (2021 Release)
7. DJ PA Grown n Sexy Collection 2022 Vol 1 to 3
8. Backyard Band - BYB4Life - Street Drip - 2019
9. Backyard Diamond Lounge 2021
10. Sirius Company 10-14-21 Capital Lounge

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Pure Elegance 4-18-15 Players Lounge Direct Download! (Zip, 98 MB)
Love will make you happy inside, I care about you, Partition, Put your one leg up, Cherish the day, Put it in the air, Do it for the vine, Whoppity whop and more
Price: $4.99

More Info
Trouble Funk 4-14-15 Maryland Live Casino Direct Download! (Zip, 25 MB)
Whole CD is about 15min long
Price: $1.49

More Info
Reaction 2015 Summer Bounce Direct Download! (Zip, 45 MB)
You earned it, Matrimony, Masterpiece, Thats my chick, for me mommie, Wiggle wiggle, and the Island
Price: $4.99

More Info
Love District 7-19-14 Gaylord Direct Download! (Zip, 104 MB)
Price: $4.99

More Info
MOB 2015 Reunion Direct Download! (Zip, 79 MB)
Price: $4.99

More Info
ABM 4-18-15 Spice Lounge Direct Download! (Zip, 60 MB)
Price: $2.99

More Info
Dream Team 4-25-15 Spice Lounge Direct Download! (Zip, 38 MB)
Price: $2.99

More Info
Suttle Thoughts 4-18-15 Ocean City Direct Download! (Zip, 87 MB)
Price: $4.99

More Info
Proper Utensils 10-15-14 Sheraton Hotel in VA Direct Download! (Zip, 75 MB)
 CD is approximately 50min long
Price: $4.99

More Info
AJA 2015 Direct Download! (Zip, 69 MB)
 New Crank, New Era
Price: $2.99
More Info
Suttle Thoughts 12-14-14 Zansibar Direct Download! (Zip, 67 MB)

GoGo Mickey, D Floyd, Michelle Blackwell, Miss Kim, and Scooby

Marion Barry Tribue show

Price: $4.99

More Info
Aftermath band 2014 Direct Download! (Zip, 63 MB)
 PLAYLIST: Sweet thing, You and I, Thank you, Shake your body, You remind me, Power trip, Flaws nall, Flawless, Party girls, Roll call, VIP, Lifestyle, Hear us on the block, partition,and more
Price: $3.99

More Info
Pure Elegance at Players Club Dec 2014 Direct Download! (Zip, 153 MB)
 PLAYLIST: New flame, Dont want nobody but you, Partition, Conga rollout, Keep it moving, Bubble but, Mix it up and more
Price: $3.99

More Info
Faycez-U-Know 1-27-15 Decoy Lounge Direct Download! (Zip, 162 MB)
 Comes on 2 CDs

PLAYLIST: Make me love somebody else, He loves me, Im loving you tonight, Brown sugar baby, Be happy, Family affair, Amazin, Supermodel, Hoochie coochie man, Deep inside, Ghetto chick, We say, Lifestyle, The 1on1, Cat in the hat, and more!

Price: $5.99

More Info
Dynasty 2-20-15 Direct Download! (Zip, 69 MB)
 Dont really wanna dance, socket, Everything she wants, stay high,Gimmee more money, hands in the air, All night, Whatcha wanna do, Take um to church, conga rollout, Pocket socket, Wiggle
Price: $4.99

More Info
Let it Flow 2-15-15 Look Lounge Direct Download! (Zip, 66 MB)
 Feat Suga Bear
Price: $5.99

More Info
Suttle 2-15-15 Look Lounge Direct Download! (Zip, 55 MB)
Price: $4.99
Steel 7-6-14 Feat Big G and Wincy of BYB Direct Download! (Zip, 103 MB)
Price: $4.99

More Info
Hott Profitt 1-24-15 Upscale Ballroom Direct Download! (Zip, 52 MB)
Preview this CD below
Price: $3.99

More Info
Mental Attraction  12-27-14  Getaway Lounge
Mental Attraction 12-27-14 Getaway Lounge Direct Download! (Zip, 159 MB)
also includes another bonus CD show from 2014 for free!!
Price: $4.99
More Info
Essence Legends 12-25-14 at 12 Stop Lounge Direct Download! (Zip, 108 MB)
live @ 12 Stop Lounge

feat Maniac, Big Horn, Marky, Scotty, Godfava, Shorty Dud & Mighty Moe

Price: $6.99
Mass Extinction 11-14-14 Martinis Direct Download! (Zip, 149 MB)
Price: $4.99
Christyle 2014 Gospel GoGo Direct Download! (Zip, 93 MB)
Gospel gogo music
Price: $2.99
Faycez-U-Know 9-27-14 Jays Direct Download! (Zip, 155 MB)
comes on 2 CDs
Price: $4.99
EU 10-12-14 Upscale Ballroom Direct Download! (Zip, 68 MB)
Price: $4.99
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